By :  Muhammad Rashid Mujtahid

Okay. So I'm Egyptian who live 800 meters away from Rab'aa Square and I'm going to tell you what I've been experiencing. The whole 50 days they stayed in there we couldn't sleep well; they use their microphones and Rab'aa's outside microphones all day and all night. In Ramadan they always broadcasted their prayers, Du'aa, talks and whatnot. Now imagine yourself in other people's shoes around them… If someone is sick, he can't sleep unless he closes his windows. If someone is an elder, he can't sleep unless they close their windows, if someone's studying they also can't sleep unless they close their windows. And even from 800 meters away from Rab'aa, we couldn't sleep unless we closed all our windows. They keep yelling in their microphones all night, sleep after Fajr prayer and wake up around Dohr prayer and start their yelling again.

Around the second week in Ramadan the buildings' porters found two dead bodies in the street behind ours. Around 6 in the morning while they were cleaning the cars they found a ceiling-less carriage –that is used sometimes in moving trash- come to the street and through something in front of the small park's fence. People usually throw trash there so the porters thought it was trash. Only then they discovered they were two bodies, one dead and the other was about to die. When they asked the second man what happened to you? He answered that it was the MB. He wanted to take his ID card and go back home but they refused.

And don't tell me you don't know about that. They took people from all around the countries, took their names and their IDs as to make sure they stay within the sit-in. It was known as a rumor but many people who went there confirmed. And the man I spoke of, who died later on, confirmed the same thing.

They were also littered everywhere around Rab'aa. My dad goes to a mosque that is around 2.5 kilometers away from Rab'aa and they were there, sleeping in the air conditioned mosque and washing themselves and their clothes. One day before Fajr prayer, dad found someone come in the mosque with only a newspaper and a praying mat rolled together. He placed them under one of the huge AC stands and started praying. My dad prays while sitting on a chair and he was sitting not behind the man directly but a couple of rows to the left behind him. He noticed that there was something inside the rolled newspaper and matt, it was a cartridge pistol's pipe. He called one of the men who prays with him regularly and was a retired police general and asked him if that's a cartridge pistol and he confirmed that.

The stated above shows that the MB's sit in was not a peaceful one, nor was it of any good. They pushed the people into a losing battle and now they go everywhere to weep over them. What they do is not related to Islam in any possible way and the way they express their opinions is vulgar and rude.

We have friends who live in Rab'aa square directly and they tell us the following: People were not fasting in Ramadan and the man saw them drinking tea and eating normally because the MB commanders told them they can stop fasting to have power to their jihad. What I don't understand is what kind of jihad are they talking about!? We're all Muslims even before Morsi came. Islam has no problem here in Egypt nor will it face any problem in the far future even.

Bottom line is, the Muslim Brotherhood only shows their ugly reality which is terrorism. They never think about the welfare of the country and the people but the welfare of themselves and their own businesses. And this is not acceptable.

via wise citizen of egypt


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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