By : National Geographic Society

President Barack Obama, America’s first black leader and iconic figure, is probably the most photographed leader in the world. Obama’s White House is a rare glimpse into the life of the President through the lens of official photographer, Pete Souza. “We’re like an old couple, we know each other so well now,” says Obama at the start of the documentary. Souza and his team shoot between 20, 000 and 80, 000 pictures of Obama every month.

Working out of the West Wing, Souza is tasked with creating the official photographic archive of Obama’s time in Office, granting him unprecedented access to the President as he goes about his work in the White House and beyond. And the results reveal the President as a man who is not camera-shy, and polite to all those he comes into contact with.

From official state engagements to light-hearted family moments, the film features a series of Souza’s best shots, as well as capturing the unique relationship he shares with the President – a relationship which allows him to shoot Obama off-guard. That’s where the magic of this documentary lies.

Whether travelling on Air Force One,  hanging out with family dog Bo, playing in the snow, dining, or sharing a tender moment with Michelle, Souza never leaves his boss’s side. The great rapport between the president and his photographer makes this documentary a winner. 

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