By : Riyahdi

The Jabal Omar project involves the construction of two five-star hotels with 935 rooms, and six three-star hotels consisting of 1,255 rooms, over an area of 244,800 sq m. It also includes the construction of 20-storey residential buildings to accommodate 100,000 people, 4,360 commercial and retail units and 520 restaurants.

The project, located close to the Grand Mosque, will also include a car-parking facility for more than 10,000 vehicles, covered air-conditioned plazas for 100,000 worshippers and open courtyards for 120,000 persons, according to reports. 

The project, which entails a total built-up area of 1.2 million sq m, has been assigned to the Makkah Construction and Development Company (MC&DC).

Other features of the project include well-laid-out roads, open areas, gardens, fire and police stations, schools, medical centres and public toilets for men and women. 

In tandem with these developments, the road infrastructure is being expanded. A new road scheme known as Western Gate Project ' which was recently given the go-ahead ' will be built parallel to the Umm Al-Qura Road, which is heavily congested during the pilgrimage seasons. The Umm AlQura Road is currently the main arterial link to the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

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