OPEN LETTER TO @USAgov @usembassykl @BarackObama @WhiteHouse @StateDept

Sir, please look at your backyard of history of Sedition Acts from 1798, Patriot Act; against all facets of your own Constitution.

Sir, your US embassy wrote 

"The United States remains concern with the Malaysian Government's use of Sedition Act".

What a double standard Sir! Look at your own backyard, look closely before your embassy starts to look like Idiots.

Dont you realise that since 1798, Sedition Acts plus Alien Act had been passed by your President Adam? Heavy fines and imprisonment could be used against anyone who "write, print, utter or publish ..... any false, scandaluous and, or malicious intends against the Government. This was clearly against your very own First Ammendment of Your Own Constitution, Sir.

Some could argue those Sedition Acts were the ones that help to build your Country until it reaches its finest state and rightfully win admiration of Americans today. Why cant you ALLOW US TO BUILD OUR NATION IN OUR OWN RIGHT AND REACH THE SIMILAR GROWTH TO THE BEST INTEREST OF VAST MAJORITY OF US, MALAYSIANS?

Oh yeah...why stop only at Sedition Act 1798, shall we discuss about Patriot Acts and Guantanamo Prison, shall we!. Since you can be so kind to show us some of your excellent examples, for the world to lead...

Patriot Act, a bi partisian piece of legislations that effectively canabalise the every meaning and facet of Free Speech, legalising Warrantless Searches, and even Wire Taps without probable cause. Lets not stop dare, you lock up people based on suspicion ALONE, deny due process and basic human rights! Shall we continue?

Oh yeah... lets not forget our infamous Guantanamo Prison. In the name of Justice you round up suspects and shamelessly throw them into prison camps; not wanting to declare them Prison of Wars, with sole intent to circumvent the provisions of Geneva Convention.

Those things I mentioned just make our Akta Hasutan or Sedition Act look like a Pillow Fight!

Who are we kidding, Sir?

Right after 9/11, I do understand you have to do what you must, to protect the majority and honestly, I respect that. But Sir, we Malaysian Government are just doing that, the very reason of your 1798 Sedition Act or Patriot Act that is to the best interest of Malaysians.

I have a huge respect to your leadership Sir Barack. Let me say I always look forward to your Presidential Debate, which the last ones were just excellent, second to none. Your friendly nature of your administration towards Islamic World win my admiration. You break new grounds Sir.

Lets not the Press Statement of your embassy ruins your image Sir. Lets Malaysians handle and deal with Malaysians matters, and rightfully so; as much as you dont want other to interfere with your own internal matters...

Terima Kasih.

Saiful Zaini Mohd Bokhari

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  1. Kudos to you en saiful zaini for your letter to the US embassy.


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