Dasar Pertahanan Negara adalah untuk melindungi dan mempertahankan kepentingan negara yang menjadi teras kepada kedaulatan, keutuhan wilayah dan kesejahteraan ekonomi. Untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut, keperluan strategi komprehensif telah dibentuk sebagai prinsip-prinsip asas pertahan. Prinsip utama dalam strategi ini ialah keupayaan untuk berdikari. Prasyarat ialah komitmen yang utuh daripada semua sektor. Bagi maksud ini, konsep Pertahanan Menyeluruh adalah penting untuk melengkapkan keupayaan untuk berdikari.


National Defence Policy reflecting the country to defend its strategic interests and maintain national security. Defence policy outlines the three main base, the country's strategic interests, the principles of defence and defence concepts. It emphasizes the need to maintain the strategic importance of environment of a stable and secure.

The area's strategic importance can be seen from the three levels of the immediate area, regional and global. Immediate area, regional and global. Immediate area, including land area, territorial waters, airspace, the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Straits of Malacca and the entrance gate, and the Straits of Singapore as well as lines of communication that links the sea and air Peninsular Malaysia with Sabah and Sarawak.

Region is considered important by Malaysia covers East Asia, including the Andaman Islands and the South China Sea. Malaysia sees the developments in the region will also affect the security and development. This is important for Malaysia to share land or sea borders, or both, with almost all ASEAN member countries. Any disruption to the region's security, whether in the form of internal conflict and external region the region, will have an impact on national security.

National trade ties growing, new markets for its products, increasing foreign investment and the acquisition of private companies with interests throughout the world, has broadened its interests beyond the immediate area and regional . Based on this, it is a national interest to ensure peace is maintained.

Taking into account the strategic importance of factors and competing interests, Malaysia defence revolves around the fundamental principles of Self-Reliance, Regional Cooperation and Foreign Aid.

As an independent and sovereign country, Malaysia is aware that the most appropriate measures to safeguard the interests and national security is through the pursuit of selfreliance that is the core of its defence policy. 

This principle emphasizes self-reliance in the Armed Forces structure of national self-reliance. It involves not only combat forces but also the logistical support network of military-industrial cooperation in line with national development priorities. In this context, self-reliance should not be limited to military efforts alone but should involve all relevant government agencies and the people.

However, taking into the limits, national self-reliance is generally based on two runways. First, have the ability to act independently without external assistance in matters concerning internal security, and second, have the ability to act independently of its territorial integrity and security interests within the immediate vicinity of the external threats of low and intermediate level.

Because of its geographical location in the middle of Southeast Asia, could not help the strategic interests of Malaysia has close ties with countries in the region to another. Based on this position, the security of Malaysia is part of the security of member countries of ASEAN. Thus, any threat to Malaysia is also seen as a threat to ASEAN. Accordingly, Malaysia gives priority to regional cooperation.

In the context of regional cooperation, Malaysia also encourages the establishment of bilateral defence cooperation among the countries of ASEAN. A network of bilateral defence cooperation with ASEAN countries will assist in the process of building confidence and promoting transparency. In line with this approach, Malaysia will promote and contribute to the development of a strong and effective ASEAN to ensure the security of Southeast Asia.

Malaysia to see the establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ASEAN Regional Forum - ARF) as a significant development towards sustainable peace and regional stability. Initiative by ASEAN has successfully brought together participants to share views on common security concerns. The dialogue process has proven to be an important mechanism to build confidence. ARF activities will foster a more intimate cooperation and better understanding among ARF participants.

To complement the efforts of regional cooperation, Malaysia is also aware of the need for external assistance from countries outside the region. The assistance includes support for moral and physical training facilities, technology transfer and supply of equipment. Towards this effort, it has taken steps to establish and reinforce relations with countries outside the region. 

Although the country is responsible for the principles of The Peace, Independent and Impartial (ZOPFAN), this should not be the need to seek assistance from sources outside the region. This is especially so when the threat is beyond the capability of the local force.

Malaysia considers the rules of Five National Defence (FPDA), which comprises Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and

Malaysia as a gateway to obtain foreign aid. FPDA is the only form of formal rules involving the defence of Malaysia and other countries outside the region. At its inception, the country realized that self- reliance requires a certain period of time to achieve. Hence, the FPDA has become a channel for Malaysia to develop defence capabilities with the help of partner countries that have long established relations with Malaysia. 

The pattern of consultation mechanisms open to the FPDA countries to obtain foreign aid and security guarantees. Malaysia is committed to the establishment of the FPDA remains relevant. However, the strategic scenario and the enhanced ability of the Malaysia Armed Forces (ATM), the role of FPDA has been restructured to reflect current needs.

Malaysian firm commitment to the United Nations Charter requires the establishment of the country subscribes to a form of defensive defence. In this regard, defence policy has been to formulate strategies based on the principle of resistance and prevent the overall defence. This policy also outlines the need to prevent conflict in their own territory, either by preventing it from happening, or by engaging the enemy as far as possible outside the territory of Malaysia.

The concept aims to prevent resistance to prevent potential enemies from adopting policies that conflict with peaceful conflict resolution measures. This requires the implementation of preventive strategies as well as efforts to develop a military that has a strong capacity to face the war. This will ensure that the country has the ability to prevent such acts of force or violence by opponents.

The concept of a comprehensive defense-related with total and integrated efforts undertaken by the Government, non-governmental agencies, private sector and citizens to defend the country. 

Preservation of the integrity and sovereignty of Malaysia requires the commitment of all citizens, and not just the Armed Forces. While the defence of the country is the responsibility of the security forces, the duty to ensure that the team is able to withstand the challenges of national responsibility.

Although it recognizes the importance of regional cooperation and external assistance, Malaysia believes that self-reliance should continue to be the cornerstone of national defence. In this regard, Malaysia will continue to work towards enhancing and developing the capacity of ATM as well as promoting awareness of defence and patriotism among the people.


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