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天上风云多变幻; 地上人间多磨难。但人间有情有义,齐心协力 突破困境.    说一声, 兄弟姐妹 团结一致 …… [Sky clouds many changes; earth more human suffering. But human feelings, that work together to overcome difficulties. Say, brothers and sisters united ......]

风起时, 云涌时;必见真龙显现….. [When the wind blows, the clouds rushing time; shall see the real dragon appeared .....]

It took me more than month to think whether shall I reveal REAL dragon in China in May 2013. Today, taking one day break from my job in Shanghai, I decided to share part of the story….. although we may not touch on Dragon Spot at the end…. yet, there are many lessons you could learn from this article.

Last month I spent quite a numbers of days  in Southern China for Dragon Searching….. Oversea Chinese has no CLEAR idea about the vital power from Dragon Spot as they are far away from their root… Mainland China. However, on the contrary, Mainland Chinese are too appreciative  and “mad” about Dragon Spot…. Even in modern China, the success or failure of each and every national level leaders based in Beijing are always been linked to their ancestry tomb and house. As long as the family is financially comfortable, surely they will engage a competent feng shui master to seach for Dragon Spot…..

On this reason, I was invited to China in May 2013 to Southern China…….

Let me KIV the issue of  Dragon… While Malaysia is experiencing some kind of political change currently, and Malaysian Chinese is always targeted whenever they is political turmoil in South East Asia in general, Malaysia and Indonesia in particular.

Recently, there is  a 40+ frustrated Singaporean Single mother threw her 9 years old child from her condo…  the boy was killed on the spot…. some stories said that the mother had to take care of the 9 years old boy ( with some kind of sickness) WITHOUT help from her immediate family ( she felt frustrated and isolated) and this was one of the pushing factor to cause this tragedy. After many years involve in family consultation in various countries…. brothers and sisters, this is a problem to a Singaporean family, yet, it is a common syndrome among CHINESE family in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (based on my personal observations from my fieldworks) I exclude Philipine Chinese as I have no idea about them and I also exculde Thai Chinese as they have assimilated into Thai culture very well….

Let me focus in Malaysia Chinese as I am a Malaysian; eventhough I know Singaprean Chinese and Indonesia Chinese very well (Malaysian Chinese and Singaporean Malaysia Chinese are very close culturally due to political background; whereas, you could find many Indonesia Chinese migrated to Kuala Lumpur and Penang after 1998 racial riot in Indonesia.)

Brothers and sisters, the attached picture above was taken during an appreciative dinner in South China, as a symbol to thank the teacher or master. This is the basic Chinese culture, respecting your teacher. The people surrounded me are the family members, brothers and sisters of the family…. the family is very helpful to each others and very warm and friendly. The close relationship and warmth given to the guest was very heart touching due to sincerity from truth heart. I would say that Thai Chinese would treat you nicely like this in Bangkok as what I experienced.

Yet, back to Malaysia….. as a Chinese teacher, the guest always draw an invisible line that you could not cross over, namely, Privacy… personal time …. NOT my business, it is your business then, solve it yourself….   As a Chinese, I would say you would feel more comfartable with Malay, the indigenous people in Malaysia. The former Malaysia Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed always criticize Malaysia Chinese as rasist, unappreciative, selfish, materialistic, “economic being”… I think his statament tells some truth…. I was totally against his statement before… however, after I start to see the outside world, I have a better mirror to see my own country.

Back in Malaysia, the Chinese family members would seldom, very uncommon to show their appreciation and thankfulness as what claimed by former Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad and curent Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as ” Chinese Tsunami”  last month after General Election 13 in Malaysia. The current Malaysia Prime Minister call Chinese as back stabbing to his leadership…..

In Malaysia, I would say you do not have to protect yourself from Malay friends, but you must to protect yourself from Malaysia Chinese friends… What does this tell you is , Malaysia Chinese never really appreciate sincere friendship even among themselves….. I have encountered many Malaysia Chinese in KL tell me that they shift to Malay area and far away from Malaysia Chinese residential area due to the fact that it is easier and comfortable to deal with Malay neigbours rather than selfish Malaysia Chinese neighbour…. They tell me that Malay neighbours is more helpful and willing to give helpinhg hand when you need them…

Malaysia Chinese is NOT mainland Chinese. These 2 are totally different community although share the similar DNA.

The more I come to China, the more I am able to understand why Malay, the indigenous people see and feel about Malaysia Chinese. You could see all traditional value in mainland China family…. Yet, in Malaysia, you could see Malaysia Chinese family speak their broken Mandarin with broken tradition.

Malaysia Chinese is a race that have lost their heritage and their great tradition before 1957, and getting serious decade after decades…..

In Mainland China, the seniority is uphold, yet, Malaysia Chinese has no idea of seniority and that is why Malay call Malaysia Chinese as ” Kurang Ajar” …. because you could easily see many Malaysia youths call their elderly by personal name… which this is considered as rude to Malay and Chinese in Mainland Chinese.  Sadly to say, Malaysia Chinese is OK with calling elderly by name… to Malay… this is ” Kurang Ajar” (means a person who have not received enough family education from their parents). ”

A Malaysia Chinese cancer patient would keep his sickness condition from his/her friends because their friends would spread the rumour and metaphysically causes him die prematurely… (sarcastically but truely) This is very common among Malaysia Chinese when a family member is having cancer, immediately he will keep it as secret… why ? because you cannot expect helping from your Malaysia Chinese friends (unless they are spiritual) ; but expect their rumour spreading mouth. In China, the cancer patient is more than willing to tell you his health condition as community would extend thier helping hand to search Traditional Chinese Medicine trhu their networking in whole nation. On the contrary, Malaysia Chinese has lost all knowledge about traditional diets and tradition healing remedy…. What they have  is ” cursing mouth” to spread rumours….

Malaysia Chinese (Indonesia Chinese and Singaporean Chinese to certain extend) should regain your soul, retain your ethics…. reduce your selfishness….

我认识的 中国家庭 是 有情 有义, 有孝道。 我认识的 马莱西亚 华人家庭是 自私自利的 分裂的, 不孝的….. [I know the Chinese family is righteous, there is filial piety. I know Mallett West Chinese families are selfish split, filial .....]

Recently, social security is very bad in Malaysia…. Most of the robbery, bunglary, theft and rape occured in Malaysia Chinese residential area… One of the reason is Malaysia residential areas are full of all kind of security system like CCTV… yet it is fragile much easier to break in. Why? Because Malaysia Chinese neighbours would never help you if your house is broken or your are robbed besides the roads….. Malaysia Chinese would never thinking in helping you if you are robbed or your house was broken in last night , yet, Malaysia Chinese would call up contractor to change their locks and strengthen main door, rather than…. extend his hand to help you…..

However, my experience proven that Malay neighbours would immediately help you…. but, your Malaysia Chinese will stand far away to ” watch the robbery” live show….

In China, I find that Chinese in Mainland China is just my Malay friend and neighbours in Malaysia….

Now, I could easily understand why our Malay counterpart, call Malaysia Chinese as “selfish, materialistic, profit-oriented, unappreciative”……

I have handled  many cases about legal fightings @ court case in Malaysia…. All of the legal dispute is among siblings in Chinese family about inherited wealth… 不熟不吃. 悲哀….[Unfamiliar eat. Sad ....]

Malaysian Chinese…. you have lost your traditional values… you become so selfish and unpreciative until your Malay friends label you as ” economic-being” whose brain is purely money oriented yet blank……. In Malaysia, you need to be fully alert when you deal with Malaysia Chinese but feel relax when confronting with Malay…. You need to shield yourself with invisible armour when dealing with Malaysia Chinese because you know very well that you are dealing with a person whom has very minimum Appreciation. You Malaysia Chinese friend will run away when you need their help… just like most of wealthy Malaysia Chinese run away from Malaysia after accumulate enough money in Malaysia.

In China, I feel relax to deal with the Chinese here, just as relax as dealing with Malay in Malaysia.

In the coming article, I will discuss about the love between husband and wife I see in China compared to Malaysia couple whose love is shallow, empty and hollow.

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